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I would like to get enough points to create an art contest. I'm a fine arts student and I believe people would benefit from learning more about how different people interpret things uniquely and open up the eyes of many, to creative perspectives. Not wanting a premium membership as I don't think it's necessary for me, at least at the stage I'm up to at the moment.

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A really nice girl who I went to school with approached me the other day and asked me if I could help her with some research she's doing on the education cuts. I thought the answers to her questions that I came up with were worth sharing because I think the message ought to be known to more people.

This is about how beneficial and crucial art is for the mental health and well-being of not only people with a mental illness but for those who don't as well. The arts not only create jobs but they also create communities that are more vibrant, cohesive, healthy and innovative. With the cuts that the Government are bringing in for TAFE, the ability to make art in the hands of people regardless of their age, wealth or background will no longer be there. They think that they are only cutting it by 1.7 billion dollars but they are really taking out dozens of billions of dollars that the education will produce.

1. What are you currently studying and where?
  I have just finished studying a comprehensive 6 hours a day / 3 days a week certificate 2 in Fine Arts at ******** TAFE NSW. I was exploring and working with a vast range of mediums, covering painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramics and photography. I found this course interesting, stimulating and therapeutic. It particularly benefited me with my struggle with a mental illness which requires me to have structure in my life and something worthwhile to keep my mind active.

2/3. What are the financial implications of completing a tertiary education for you and does the government facilitate for your choice to seek further education?
   Having spent years in and out of hospital from a young age I struggle with getting qualified and finding a steady job. I rely on centrelink and work as a junior office clerk when I'm not studying to pay my bills and my art supplies which amounts to quite a bit. The course itself is payed separately and is a few hundred dollars but students on centrelink luckily only have to pay $50 for the course. At the moment the government is facilitating for this but as of next year the cuts will affect this and many other things. Courses such as the one I'm doing certificate 2, 3, 4 and diploma put the ability to make art in the hands of people regardless of their age, wealth or background. TAFE provides hands on training that develops the skills necessary for artists to succeed. with the cuts, certificate 3 and 4 will no longer exist and the remaining courses will be as expensive as university and these courses lead to the diploma and build up skills required to succeed. Without them,  diploma will be significantly more of a struggle than it already is. Not only will students be affected but teachers will also. Most of my teachers who are only working part time at TAFE, are forced to find other jobs.

4. How do you feel about the NSW government's plans to cut the education budget by up to 1.7 billion.
   I am appalled by their plans to cut the education budget by that much. They think that they are only cutting it by 1.7 billion dollars but they are really taking out dozens of billions of dollars that the education will produce. I do know that our we are in an economic struggle but I strongly believe that most of the education cuts would cause more harm than good. I am completely against the Fine Arts cuts and many others I have read about because taking money out of education is taking money out of the hands of children and other students who are Australia's future. It's believed that there aren't many job opportunities coming out of fine arts but this is also not true. Being able to explore Fine Arts at a lower level allows for students to give it a go and decide whether they wish to undertake further study in the area. After completing certificate 1 in Fine arts, I was inspired to study further and become a youth worker with a degree in art therapy to help people like me who communicate better through art and music than speaking and writing. There's other options too... People can become art teachers, work in galleries, own art shops and many other things while they do their own art on the side. Because if they're anything like me, art makes them happy. Makes them able to express their deepest darkest emotions and they could be painting a pretty butterfly.

5/6. Please tell me about your petition to save the arts in TAFE and what you think is the importance of arts in educational institutes?
    I have petitions to save the arts in TAFE that I am taking around to art shops which all will be significantly affected by the cuts and I am personally taking them around to people, explaining to them how important Fine Arts are and how urgent the need is for maintaining funding for accessible art in TAFE actually is. The creative industries alone contribute over $30 billion to Australia every year and as I mentioned earlier about my struggles with mental illness and how beneficial art is for many others who are in the same boat as me. I can assure you that there truly are many others in my class alone, having dealt with recognising my own symptoms, I can see them in others. The arts not only create jobs but they also create communities that are more vibrant, cohesive, healthy and innovative. Without art, life would be pretty dull in my opinion.

7. What is the importance of beneficial subsidiaries and support for education as a whole?
    As a whole, the importance is beyond what I can explain giving my circumstances. I am only a Fine Arts student but I think that the support is absolutely necessary for a stronger economy for now and the future especially. I'm not fully aware of as many details regarding the other industries but if Fine Arts is as important as I know it is, then other areas too require urgent attention.

That's all there was, just 7 relatively short questions but I hope at least one person will read this and either think differently about art or try to help out. You can follow Save Art in TAFE on Facebook to keep posted.


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Larissa Dyson (Rissa)
Artist | Student | Varied
My name is Rissa and I am an open minded, optimistic, artsy fartsy Fine Arts student and a dork. I work for a construction company and I volunteer for a cooperative research centre. Which leaves with me just enough time for my hobbies and interests such as reading fantasy and art history, writing utopias and short stories, drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpting, acting, performing stand up comedy, singing, playing guitar, learning about anything new and interesting, op shopping for second hand goodness, avidly drinking tea and spending time with my friends, family and pets.

I don’t believe that you learn something every day... I believe that you learn a great amount of somethings a day and that you’re never too young or old to start something new. I adore meeting new people, I love expanding my horizons and broadening my dynamic formidable and majestic vocabulary. (I’m still trying to learn how to use big words in context) I think nerds are hot, I have a weakness for warm hugs, normal people worry me, and I firmly believe a nice hot cup of tea to be sacred. Also, my favourite thing to say is "That's utterly bastard groovy!"

I am a quiet person but I am a good listener. I am very inquisitive but I hardly ever know the answer. Mature for my age yet I have my silly moments. Spontaneous and random yet casual and outgoing, and I'm almost always happy yet sometimes so happy that I get a little over the top. I know exactly what I want out of life career wise but It's going to take a long time to get there. I am a full time art student but I procrastinate too often. I start sentences but sometimes don't finish th..

I love people. I really, genuinely love them, with a deep, abiding passion that can only be understood, I am convinced, by other people-loving creatures. The deep, abiding passion I have for people cannot surpass any amount of love I have for any other thing or bit of fluff. I also don't mind God and Jesus, they're awesome... Just putting it out there.

By the way... I am looking for e-mail pen pals, particularly ones who speak French because I would really like to learn to speak French, so if you're interested - drop me a line! (You don't have to speak French or not know me to be my pen pal.) :3 Another reason as to why I would like to have a pen-pal from overseas would be to Exchange lists of some songs/artists we like to listen to. I'm looking to broaden my music taste, and what a better way to do so by asking an anonymous stranger who lives overseas?

If you’re on my friends list, then this is for you; feel free to talk to me any time. Tell me your feelings, fears, troubles and concerns; you can say pretty much anything to me, even if it’s fraudulent nonsense. I won’t judge you and I’ll listen to anything you have to say, because that’s what friend are for, right? If you see me online, talk to me!

My written blog (Nothing is written in stone) It's easy it is to erase something written in pencil, and less easy to erase something written in ink, but harder still to change an inscription that had been carved on a tombstone. That is why the cliché "nothing is written in stone" became my blog title, because I wish my words are imprinted in the reader's mind, like words written in stone.

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Nommable-Wendle Nov 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
happy birthday :party:
colek79 Mar 11, 2013
Hi Larissa
My colleague found what we think is your art portfolio on a train yesterday at Town Hall Station on the East Hills line. Your name was in the book but no contact details. Can you give me a call on 8281 5713. Thanks
RudeOwl Feb 9, 2013  Professional General Artist
thank you so much for the watch :heart::squee::la:
Deadly-Tea-Party Jan 25, 2013  Professional General Artist
Thank you very much! Added you back. :XD:
Yeah you will hate it, the weather in the UK isn't always definite, don't know what it will do from time to time most the times. But it's good during the summer, though we can get a lot of summer rain! :nuu:

I love taking photographs of natural forms and that.
AliceNevermore Jan 9, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Aussienerd Jan 9, 2013  Student General Artist
You're welcome, your profile is very different to most I've seen, it's pretty groovy so I wanted to watch you and see what kind of art you would produce. I can't find any on your page. :/
AliceNevermore Jan 9, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
yeah you just go to the top of my page where it says "gallery" and thats all my work;3
RhynWilliams Jan 9, 2013   Traditional Artist
your work is cool :D
Aussienerd Jan 9, 2013  Student General Artist
Thank you, yours is utterly bastard groovily inspiring. So much detail and time has gone into perfecting your work, I hope to one day be able to be as good as you. (:
RhynWilliams Jan 9, 2013   Traditional Artist
oh how kind of you, and tbh im not the best in a long shot, but you should join a contest im doing [link]
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